We recognize that a web site’s visibility is every bit as important as its quality. After all, clients strive to have as engaging and dynamic a web presence as possible in order to draw in new business and expand existing business. The art of accomplishing this via improving a web site’s ranking on search engines such as Google and Bing is as popular as it is challenging. As such, the field of businesses offering this service is a crowded one.

Smart Spark SEO ServivesWe acknowledge that many SEO companies offer many different methods and practices, different services, and different promises of perceived results. All this can be quite confusing. As a result Wenex has formed a separate company called Smart Spark strictly devoted to Search Engine Optimization.

The site serves to not only clearly describe all the features of our service we provide, but is also a resource for information about SEO.

Wenex/SmartSpark strives to be unique in search engine optimization by focusing on web structure code as much as we do web content. We use our extensive background in web site design to make sure the underlying HTML within a web site is as optimized as its page text. We provide this core level of search engine optimization service with every web project we manage.

We also know that remaining idle after we’ve launched a web site is not the way to climb the search engine rankings. We consistently analyze web site content and performance over time, always looking for areas to improve upon success. We also actively market and promote clients’ websites through various appropriate web networking avenues and online social media, in order to maintain that high level of visibility.

We offer a number of affordable Search Engine Optimization packages for any number of types and sizes of web sites. We also can customize a SEO package to meet specific budget and web site requirements. Each of our packages are tailored to a specific type of application based on the type and structure of the site. Simply put, an existing site requires a different group of SEO tasks than does a redesign, or what is needed for a completely new site. Also, small informational sites have different requirements than do large corporate site or e-commerce sites.

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