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Why SEO?

Why SEO?

Why SEO?Search Engine Optimization is the process of creating a web site so that it ranks well for particular keywords or search terms related to the site’s business within the “organic” or naturally occurring search results of major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN.

A key advantage of a high natural search engine ranking is that your site can get visitors from the search engines 365 days a year without any cost to you. It’s like getting a full-page ad in the telephone Yellow Pages under the category of your choice indefinitely. Historically, search engine users have perceived higher ranking sites to have a higher degree of credibility and have been more likely to visit them before lower ranking sites.

A well optimized web site design and structure helps to improve the overall performance of your web site, thus making it easier to navigate and for search engines to find and index all of your content. A successfully optimized web site will not only provide a high level user experience, but also include an optimal structure for search engines to index your site.

Ranking near the top of major search engines ensures that visitors who are looking for your type of products or services find and can contact you. Visitors indicate interest in doing business by taking the initiative to search by specific keywords or search terms related to your type of business, and then go to your web site. Your company benefits from an increase in leads and sales delivered with a significant increase in highly targeted visitor traffic.