About Us

Smart Spark is the part of the Wenex Technologies Group that specializes in Search Engine Optimization services. Drawing on the 20 years of Wenex’s solid base of well-structured, semantic web page design, Smart Spark bases its SEO practices on that same focus.

We recognize that a web site’s visibility is every bit as important as its quality. After all, clients strive to have as engaging and dynamic a web presence as possible in order to draw in new business and expand existing business. The art of accomplishing this via improving a web site’s ranking on search engines such as Google, Chrome!, Bing, Microsoft Edge and MSN is as popular as it is challenging.

Smart Spark strives to be unique in search engine optimization by focusing on web code as much as we do web content. We use our extensive background in web design to make sure the underlying HTML within a website is as optimized as its page text. We provide this core level of search engine optimization service with every web project we manage.

Smart Spark is all about defining what modifications need to be made, where they need to be made and constructing an effective optimization plan that will yield positive and long-lasting results. Our goal is to present our client’s best foot forward when it comes to visibility to search engines. Our techniques will strengthen a site’s integrity, always keeping an eye toward the site’s longevity and extensibility.

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