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At Smart Spark, we provide Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing services geared towards providing positive, long-lasting results for business web sites. We are based in the Hamilton area of Southern Ontario, and while we’ve helped many clients in this area, we’ve also worked with people and companies in the Greater Toronto Area, as well as across Canada and the United States. In today’s economy, visibility is everything. Consumers are looking to the web to find those businesses that will provide the exact product or service they require. Typically search engine users perceive higher ranking sites to have a higher degree of credibility and are more likely to visit them. Potential customers are thoroughly screening businesses in part by virtue of their organic search engine ranking, before even making contact. We achieve our search engine ranking results by taking care of the details. Search engine optimization involves making many adjustments to individual elements on a web site, such that when assessed individually, they may seem insignificant. However, when implemented collectively, these search engine friendly adjustments have a significant overall impact on a web site’s organic ranking.