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Smart Spark Launches Redesigned Web Site

Smart Spark Launches Redesigned Web Site

After a lot of thought, planning and copious amounts of coffee, we are proudly launching our newly redesigned Smart Spark web site.

While the old site served us well, we decided to create a new site that through new technology and procedures allow us to put “practice what we preach” in a whole new context. This new site is built on a platform that allows us to incorporate a multitude of SEO rich components and at the same time get an instantaneous snapshot of how effective our processes are. That way edits can be made on the fly to better analyze SEO scores as each page is being built.

What all this means to the customer that as we incorporate the same practices and procedures that we use on our own site, we will also do the same on our client’s sites. Simply put, we certainly want to do everything we can to make our own site to be successful, so should we not put the same effort into our client’s site? The bottom line is that we achieve good search engine ranking by paying attention to details on each page as dictated by our use of SEO analytics best practices and procedures. The very basics of Search Engine Optimization involves making many adjustments to the individual components of a web site no matter how insignificant they may appear. This is what we have done and will continue to do on our new site. Spark is all about defining needs and creating an optimization plan that will yield positive and long-lasting results.

All this boils down to is that we provide our clients with a well optimized web site design and structure that improves its performance and the provides the ability for search engines to navigate the site and index important content. That’s the name of the game!

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